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Jan. 8th, 2009

My grandmother has offered to buy me a DSLR camera but I have no idea where to start looking. I know my way around a .35mm SLR but I have limited experience with DSLRs. What kind of camera do you own? What would you recommend? I don't know what her price range is but I'd really like to keep it under $400 if possible.

How would you?

I saw this on Polanoid.net and since that's a polariod sight dedicated to polariods I'm wondering does anyone know how they did this?
I'm probaly coming of really stupid, I just really want to know how they did this with a polariod.

The ShotCollapse )

Nikon D90

Could you show me pictures you have taken with the Nikon D90 please?

art school?

does anybody know of any really good art schools that offer photography and possibly double-majors in the New England area?

or, even better, if you attend AI of boston, Mass Art or any others, tell me if you like it, etc?

I have no clue where I want to go, and applications are due in a couple months!
So this semester I'm taking Photography I. I currently have a Sony Cyber-Shot, ya ya nothing AMAZING but it does take some great micro pictures. I'm looking for a camera that does good with movement, darkness, basically something that does more than just micro photographs. I'm camera clue-less, what should I be looking for camera wise? Give me some models maybe? Which features I should be looking for. I want something versatile, something I can grow and learn with. If that makes sense.
i'm looking to buy a high-end dslr camera. what is the best brand, or the best model, in your opinion? it's my birthday soon and it's all i want!!


Hey everyone,

I'm going on a trip to Vietnam and Hong-Kong in 3 weeks and I've decided that I wanna film the trip, since I think it will be a gorgeous landscape to capture on film. Now I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations on camcorders ( preferably HD quality ), the cheaper the better ofc, but the quality needs to be ok as well. A friend of mine got a Canon HV20 and I really love the quality on that camcorder, but its kinda pricy. I guess other HD quality cams won't be any cheaper, but hey I can always give it a try and ask around, can't I.
Sorry about my sloppy english btw, I'm from Holland.
Thanks for the future guys,

Camera Case


I recently purchased this camera and I want to get a case for it, everything that I have seen at Target doesn't fit. I am currently looking on etsy, any cute suggestions?

I want a camera that sees as good as I do! I could be standing right in front of something, but the camera views it as being 5x farther away than it is. When I zoom in, the picture gets all grainy and ugly and it's still too far away. I want a slim digital camera not much over 200 dollars. What camera do I need to buy to get what I want?